Outdoor Carparks

Our broad offering of high-performance, energy-efficient area lighting products, have been selected with the latest technologies to deliver optimum “seeability”, safety and security to outdoor parking areas.

Under our LED lighting range, shadows are minimized, safety is enhanced and security cameras operate more efficiently


Carpark Products
Stealth2 6

Stealth II

Mid Power Street Light


Mid to Hi Power Area Light
Large Eagle13

Eagle Eye

Mid to High Power Area Light
Sparrow Eye13

Sparrow Eye

LED Floodlight


Hi Power Sports & Floodlight
Little lord 3

Little Lord

Low Power Floodlight
Lord 4 Flood

Lord 4 Flood

Hi Power Floodlight
Lord 4 PS

Lord 4 PS

Hi Power Multiuse Fixture
Maxi Plsnet 3

Maxi Planet

Street and Area Light
Mini Lord flood

Mini Lord Flood

Compact Low Power Floodlight
mini prince flood

Mini Prince Flood

Low Power LED Floodlight
Plsnet 2


Low Power Street and Area Light
Prince flood

Prince Flood

Mid Power LED Floodlight
Stealth 1

Stealth I

Low Power Street & Area Light

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