Convention Center Parking Facility, Philadelphia PA


In a central location that serves the Pennsylvania Convention Center, a 10-story parking garage was built with all LED lighting and became a “Green” Garage. Not only is all their lighting LED, but they also have a green roof over retail space and electric car charging parking spaces.

Lighting fixtures Condor, Condor Wall were selected that minimize glare, but allow for great uniformity. To meet IES recommendations, the entry drive of the garage has a minimum measured luminance of 50 Fc during the day. At night, the center row of fixtures turn off completely, and every other fixture dims to 50%. Based on lighting calculations, the garage has an average luminance of 5.7Fc – the owner’s goal was to make sure it was above 5Fc, with an average/minimum uniformity of 2.11. The LED fixtures install in a snap and with up to a 100,000 hour expected life they are virtually maintenance free.


Products Used

  • Condor (150 Watt LED, 5000K)
  • Armour-BB (60 Watt LED, 350mA, 5000K) with battery backup
  • Armour-IMS (60 Watt LED, 350mA, 5000K) with motion sensing


  • Dramatically improved lighting with integrated energy-saving controls
  • $10,322 annual energy savings (55% reduction in energy consumption)

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