Sports and Flood

Sun LED sports and floodlighting solutions come standard with modular optics in a wide range of precise distributions suitable for area lighting applications including sports fields, car parks, pedestrian ways or the tight optics of facades.

We have the ideal product selection required to illuminate any large area application with ease and efficiency

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Hi Power Sports & Flood Light
Sparrow Eye13

Sparrow Eye

LED Flood Light
Lord 4 Flood

Lord 4 Flood

Hi Power Floodlight
Lord Flood

Lord Flood

Mid Power Floodlight
Mini Lord flood

Mini Lord

Compact Floodlight
Little lord 3

Little Lord

Low Power Floodlight
Prince flood

Prince Flood

Mid Power Floodlight
mini prince flood

Mini Prince Flood

LED Floodlight
Lordino 1


Low Power Facade LED
Micro 1


Low Power Floodlight
Lord 4 PS

Lord 4 PS

Hi Power Multiuse Fixture
Lord PS

Lord PS

MId Power Multiuse Fixture

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