Basement Parking Facility

Fulton St, Brooklyn NY

Development was a brand new mixed use development on the busy Fulton St, Brooklyn NY consisting of retail units on ground level, multi storey residential units and a basement cellar carpark

Being a high density area parking space was limited in the basement so a full height multi stack car lift system was used. As the access corridors between the car stack were full height, it was difficult to light both in control and illumination aspects

Lighting fixtures Pro5 Tri IP66 with built in motion control sensor were used. As the carpark needs to be lit 24 hours a day the individual motion sensors enabled lights to turn on only in the area required rather for the whole level as with conventional motion sensor control, providing 50-70% in control energy savings additional to LED savings 

Meeting IES requirements, the entire carpark was lit to 10Fc with minimal glare and 2:1 uniformity. Operational life is expected to last 60-70,000hrs or 12 years of maintenance free operation



  • Dramatically improved lighting with integrated energy-saving motion control
  • 55% reduction in energy consumption

Products Used


PRO5 Series

Vapour Proof LED Batten

Logo Solid Shape Layer 2

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