Parking garage and canopy lighting has an important role in the appearance and perception of a retail establishment.

With the extra-long lamp life of the Sunled canopy range our LED products are virtually maintenance free while helping guests and employees feel safer and drivers better informed during night time business hours

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Parking Garage Light 44-100W/4,800-12,000Lm Datasheet
Lumina 1


Flush LED Canopy Light 150W/20,200Lm Datasheet
Hawk Eye13

Hawk Eye

Flush LED Canopy Light 120-150W/16,850-22,500Lm Datasheet
Armour Plus13

Armour Plus

High Power Canopy Light 70-280W/9,100-36,400Lm Datasheet
Armour13 new


Parking Garage Light 40-60W/6,000-9,000Lm Datasheet
Dante 2


Gas Station Luminaire 50-145W/6,565-18.968Lm Datasheet
Hawk Eye13


Recessed Canopy Light 55-120W/8,350-16,050Lm Datasheet
Armour Plus13

Armour AL

Canopy Light 30-60W/3,900-7,800Lm Datasheet

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