Our Services

The SunLED Difference

Sunled Industries are LED lighting distributers and designers specialising in exterior, industrial and commercial applications.

All products are of the latest technology, sourced from leading high quality manufacturers worldwide including US and Europe backed by extensive quality testing and warranties. Our variety of models can be tailored to any budget and application whilst maintaining industry leading standards of performance and operating efficiency

Professional Services
  •   Lighting design and consultation
  •   Modelling, 3D ray tracing and rendering
  •   Sales and customer service support
  •   Light pollution studies
  •   Renovations and retrofits
  •   Lighting strategy reports across multiple portfolios and sites
  •   Road and sports lighting
  •   Energy saving calculations
  •   Financial and payback analysis
  •   Budgeting and estimating services
  •   Design certification
  •   CAD drafting and circuit design
Site Services
  •   On site commissioning
  •   Project management
  •   Expert witness or opinion
  •   Due diligence reporting and witness consulting
  •   Reverse engineering
  •   Cost analysis on existing and pre designed projects
  •   Existing lighting audits
  •   Reports and recommendations



Our team of industry experts include electrical engineers, lighting designers and project managers, ensuring products are implemented to maximum capacity by using the following strategies

Economical Design
Deployment of each product to maximum capacity, decreasing capital expenditure, future maintenance costs and capital payback period
Natural Light 
Use of natural light and surroundings to reduce required artifical lighting minimising environment impact and overall usage costs
Zero Maintenance
Matching the correct product to the application means Increasing operational efficiency and life and ensuring virtually zero maintenance 
Tailored Solutions
Preparation of application guidelines prior design to meet project briefs and expectation, whilst maintaining compliance with technical standards
Timely Delivery
Following internal work processes by streamlining our design and supply operations, delivering projects timely and efficiently
Product Matching
Using our practical and technical experience to select the best product from our wide range to provide an ideal outcome

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