Key Bank Carpark, Powell OH

The KeyBank branch in Powell, Ohio recently replaced their existing exterior HID lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting. By replacing (9) 400W MH area lights, (6) 150W MH canopy lights, and (3) 250 watt MH wall packs, KeyBank will save over $2,800 in energy costs in the first year alone.



HID total input 6,061W.


LED Total input 1,779W.





Fixtures Used

  • (9) 150W Condor LED Area Lights
  • (3) 29W Condor Wall Packs


  • Increased light levels and sense of security
  • Energy savings of over $2,800 per year
  • Maintenance savings approx. $3,000 per year
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in just 16.3 months

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