Quality Control 

Attention to every stage of the process

Sunled Industres strives to be recognised as a brand you can trust for quality, performance and range. Whether it is energy efficiency, added safety, or reliability, every product is carefully crafted through the manufacturing and sourcing process with inherent innovation and quality, requiring a perfect balance of skill and imagination. With a focus on continual research and development we are able to keep up to date with the rapid progression of LED technology to deliver ground-breaking performance and innovation


Sunled Industries offers a wide range of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use, as part of the commerical, industrial and outdoor space, in the awareness of the importance of efficiency both in payback periods and capital investment.

The “Lighting Done Right” slogan best describes our corporate mission, incorporating a balanced interaction of tradition, modernity, high quality, efficiency and broad versatility of each product.


Progressive Development

The Sunled approach is characterised by the constant sourcing of new technologies, quality materials, enhanced production processes in accordance with latest trends in design and technology.

Our portfolio is constantly being improved to meet market demands and to comply with strict US and international standards, while simultaneously meeting basic safety, visual comfort, efficiency and energy saving requirements.





Photometric defines the measurement of lighting to help lighting professionals select products and options that are most appropriate to their requirements

Photometric data of our entire products range is measured in lighting laboratory with a digital photometer. Therefore a correct and realistic lighting design can be ensured.



Highly skilled experts craft high-end lighting products within our product portfolio, using the latest generation of advanced machinery (automated laser cutting, punching machines, semi-automatic bending machines, hydraulic presses and wiring robots).

From the selection of raw materials to acceptance tests, every stage of our manufacturer’s production process is carefully examined to the highest quality standards 

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