Urban and Pedestrian

With our range of traditional and contemporary styled luminaires, we are able to seamlessly integrate into parks, pathways and metropolis facilities. Inefficient discharge fixtures can be simply and easily retrofitted with our high performance and energy efficient LED luminaires

This results in a pleasant and safe ambiance for night time activities while combining classic appearances and elegant form      

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Augustus Mod A13

Augustus Mod/A

3 Way Urban LED Light 30-150W/3,300-16,500Lm Datasheet
Augustus Mod B13

Augustus Mod/B

Diffused LED Urban Light 30-150W/3,300-16,500Lm Datasheet
Augustus Mod C13

Augustus Mod/C

Open Ended LED Urban Light 30-150W/3,300-16,500Lm Datasheet


High Impact Bollard Light 25-30W/2,500-3,000Lm Datasheet

Solace Mod/1

Spec Grade LED Bollard 20-32W/2,000-3,200Lm Datasheet
Stealth 1

Solace Mod/2

Louvered LED Bollard 25-60W/1,750-6,000Lm Datasheet
Plsnet 2


Post Top and Area Light 100-550W/10,000-55,000Lm Datasheet


LED Post Top Luminaire 30-150W/3,600-18,000Lm Datasheet


Low Power Area Light 20-100W/3,214-14,163Lm Datasheet
Stealth 1

Stealth I

Low Power Area Light 16-80W/2,741-11,242Lm Datasheet

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