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Our range of performance products have been successfully delivered across multiple sectors including multi residential, hospitality, commercial, retail, industrial and educational

Demonstrated is a small portfolio.


Hard Rock Casino

Bristol, VA

The first stage of a new casino and entertainment complex including an open parking lot, restaurants, theatre stages and an open gaming area. Sunled Industries supplied the Stellar Pro Series LED Area and Flood Light to illuminate the parking lot.

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Chesterfield Gardens Condominiums

Chesterfield Township, MI

New construction of a multi-storey 130 unit condominium complex. External lighting along building perimeter was fitted out with 60W Aeroform wall pack fixtures mounted to the building 


Iron Workers Bank

Aston, PA

Retrofit of the ageing MH fixtures to township banking facility carpark. Works involved fitting quickship product 150W QS-CDR to existing poles. Custom motion sensor control with stepped dimming was added to fixtures for increased energy saving's


Media Laundromat Center

Media, PA

As part of the renovation to the township laundromat center, the fluorescent fixtures were replaced with QS-PR5 linear LED 8' strip light. Equipped with stepped dimming motion sensors saved up to 40% in energy costs at times of low usage 


Barrington Park Townhomes

Rochestor, MI

New construction residential development. (18) Prezio 46W architectural fixtures with wide beam were used to illuminate external building perimeter features and (80) 60W Eagle XL with type 2 extra wide distribution mounted to external of building on townhomes  


Key Bank Carpark

Powell, OH

LED lighting retrofit of bank parking lot. 400W MH area lights, 150W MH canopy lights and 250W MH wall packs were replaced for over $2,800 savings in energy costs for this first year alone 


University Parking Garage

St Petersburg, FL

Upgrade to the South Florida university parking garage, Armour LED parking garage fixtures were used to replace the existing 150-watt HPS lights in the Parking Garage.

Basement Parking Facility

Fulton St, Brooklyn NY

Development consisted of a brand new mixed use building on the busy Fulton St, Brooklyn NY consisting of retail units on ground level, multi storey residential units and a basement cellar carpark. Lighting fixture Pro5 Tri IP66 with built in motion control sensor were used providing 50-70% in control energy savings additional to LED savings 


Everhard Production Facility

Brisbane, Australia

Upgrade of Everhard Industries ageing production facility and administration building. HiWing Linear fixture was used in the production facility which was able to be reduce the amount of fixtures used to 32 from the original spec design of 56 — a reduction of almost 44%


The Whit Wooster Square

New Haven, CT

New construction 230 unit high rise apartment complex situated in the Chapel St, New Haven CT. Project involved accent lighting the building with Blade 2x11W outdoor cylinder fixtures to the permeter of the building  


Advanced Concrete Systems 

Middleburg, PA

Concrete manufacturing plant for pre fabricated and custom building construction. Factory area was fitted out with quickship products QS-HYE equipped with motion sensors for a replacment of old HID fixtures


Hull Springs—Longwood University

Farmville, VA

Expansion of university precinct encompassing a new research lab facility. Quickship QS-VNS LED troffer fixtures were used to interior of classrooms 


Family Dollar Store

Cedar Falls, Iowa

New construction of Family Dollar store with 2x20W up/down Blade Square mounted on external building facade and 200W eagle eye fixture to store parking lot


Trucking Parts and Service

Conley, GA

Project involved retrofit of metal halide wall packs along the exterior of the building with LED fixtures as an obvious opportunity.

By replacing the six 250-watt metal halide fixtures with LED Condor Wall Sconces a solution could be delivered that recognized a 76.9% energy reduction plus a $546 annual saving in maintenance. 


Food Distribution Center

Edison, NJ

Ramsey production facility headquarters brand new office and warehousing facility. HiEye fixture with acrylic lens in the warehouse area and in the Venus Series recessed panel troffer throughout the offices with over 45,000 square feet of dry warehouse and 15,000 square feet of office space.


Jamestown Middle School

Gilford, NC

New school construction of administration and science buildings. The Artemis Panel fixture was selected as the best solution for internal lighting and Eagle Eye Series for external parking lot 

Convention Center Parking Facility

Philadelphia, PA

10-story parking garage lighting retrofit. Armour fixtures were used in internal spaces and Eagle Eye to rooftop parking lot. Fixtures were selected that minimize glare, but allow for great uniformity to meet IES recommendations.

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