Our comprehensive range of interior and exterior high bay lighting is the superior solution for a reduced bottom line and low maintenance large area illumination.

Sunled high bay luminaires brings industry leading performance, technical advancement and aesthetics to commercial and industrial spaces.

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Acrylic LED Highbay 100-240W/17,000-40,800Lm Datasheet
Lord 4 Industrial

Lord 4 Highbay

High Power LED Highbay 150-280W/26,336-44,761Lm Datasheet
HiEye Plus13

HiEye Plus

Smart LED Highbay 100-240W/17,000-40,800Lm Datasheet


LED Highbay 100-300W/4,140-41,400Lm Datasheet


High Output LED Highbay 160-250W/16,800-26,500Lm Datasheet

HiSky LF

Linear Highbay Luminaire 100-210W/13,000-27,300Lm Datasheet
HiSky Wide13

HiSky Wide

Wide LED Highbay 80-180W/12,000-27,000Lm Datasheet
Pro5 Tri13

HiWing Series

Linear Highbay Light 70-165W/11,900-28,050Lm Datasheet
Spider 4

Refino HP

High Output Linear Highbay 100-480W/15,500-74,400Lm Datasheet
Prince industrial


Architectural Vapor Proof Batten 20-70W/2,600-9,100Lm Datasheet
Orion 2

Challenger CLS

Vapor Tight LED Batten 24-60W/3,120-7,800Lm Datasheet
Spider 4

PRO5 M Series

LED Strip Light 40-120W/5,000-17,000Lm Datasheet
mini prince industrial

PRO5 Series

High Impact LED Batten 20-60W/2,600-7,800Lm Datasheet
Spider 4


Square LED Highbay 70-200W/7,000-20,000Lm Datasheet
Lord PS

Spider Series

Round LED Highbay 150-230W/21,822-33,618Lm Datasheet
Master 34jpg


Modular LED Highbay 80-200W/12,620-30,200Lm Datasheet
Lord 4 PS

Lord 4 PS

High Power Multiuse Fixture 150-280W/26,336-44,761Lm Datasheet
Lord PS

Mini Prince Highbay

Low Power Highbay 55-150W/8,823-24,226Lm Datasheet
Lord Industrial

Prince Highbay

Medium Power Highbay 120-200W/19,875-30,326Lm Datasheet
Lord Ellit3


Round Aluminium Highbay 80-150W/12,615-24,226Lm Datasheet
Lord 4 PS

Lord PS

Medium Power Multiuse Fixture 150-280W/26,336-44,761Lm Datasheet
Lord Ellit3

Lord Ellit

Aisle LED Highbay 80-200W/13,809-30,326Lm Datasheet
Lord Industrial

Lord Highbay

Medium Power LED Highbay 80-200W/13,809-30,326Lm Datasheet

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