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Attract more customers by increasing curb appeal and showcasing your dealership using purpose built front line LED luminaires throughout car yards showrooms, offices and service bays.

LED lighting cuts energy costs by up to 50%, is virtually maintenance-free, and lasts three times longer than other lighting solutions.

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Sunled Industries – Providing Leading Car Dealership Lighting Solutions

Considering the utmost potential of “LED Lighting” when it comes to Car Dealerships, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are the most crucial ingredient for a successful car dealership. While the significant purpose they serve is to eradicate any shadows or the dark spots between the parked cars, they are also an essential factor that highlights the features and colors of vehicles being displayed.

Why is Traditional Car Dealership Lighting Outdated?

While traditional options for Car Dealership Lighting relied on metal halide lights or high-pressure sodium lights that were mounted on tall poles to illuminate the parking lots, one of the major drawbacks of these lights was the fact that they produced uneven light across the parking lots. This, causing some cars to be in the shadows while the others were left behind in the cross-section of harsh and blatant outdoor light fixtures!

LED Car Dealership Lighting – Sunled Industries Making Things Easier:

We, at the Sunled Industries, are thoroughly aware of the fact that when it comes to an evident success of a Car Dealership, there can be nothing more crucial than LED Car Dealership Lighting. The preeminent LED lights available at the Sunled Industries are designed in such a way that they provide better control in spreading consistent and unvarying light across a parking lot. What sets our products apart from the rest is that our directional bulbs, fixtures and frosted lenses are specifically tailored to the needs of car dealers. Not only would the colors appear extraordinarily vibrant and vivid under LED lighting solutions that we offer, but they can also be significantly color-tuned as well to imitate natural sunlight

How Does Switching to LED Car Dealership Lighting Benefit Car Dealers?

The experts at Sunled Industries are thoroughly well-versed of the fact that the solutions for the Car Dealership Lighting are meant to be financial and ecological. While the LED lights we produce can generate the exact amount of light as that of a traditional artificial illumination, we make sure that in its entirety operating costs are under half that was being paid previously! By utilizing dominant Car Dealership Lighting from Sunled Industries, we guarantee an Auto Dealer’s electricity utility bill will be immediately reduced. Not only that, but the cost of getting yourself accustomed with the FINEST LED Lighting solution will definitely be recovered within 2 years at MAX with many future years of maintenance free operation


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