Roadway and Parking

Up until the advancement of LED technology, maintenance and high energy costs of carpark illumination made it an expensive proposition

The use of Sunled's high performance products enables a significant reduction in maintenance and energy usage that were previously inaccessible whilst optimising the performance of large area illumination.

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Stellar Series

Parking Lot and Area Light 60-500W/9,600-80,000Lm/T2-T5 Datasheet
Large Eagle13

Eagle Eye

Parking and Area Luminaire 80-300W/11,600-42,000Lm Datasheet
Stealth 1

Condor HP

Parking Lot and Area Light 60-500W/7,800-68,000Lm Datasheet
Stealth 1

Stealth I

Low Power Area Light 16-80W/2,741-11,242Lm Datasheet
Stealth2 6

Stealth II

Medium Power Area Light 90-160W/13,544-22,483Lm Datasheet
Plsnet 2


Low Power Area Light 20-100W/3,214-14,163Lm Datasheet
Maxi Plsnet 3

Maxi Planet

Medium Power Area Light 120-150W/18,682-23,610Lm Datasheet

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