TEC-MAR Product Guide

TEC-MAR is characterized by continuous research and manufacture of products that are Made In Italy, with creativity, care and high expertise

Our selected products offer a wide range of lighting fixtures for interior and exterior use

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Sunled Industries is pleased to present our range of TEC-MAR high performance lighting solutions. Made In Italy and sourced from the industry leading lighting manufacturer TEC-MAR, these products feature high quality Italian design and have been carefully chosen to meet the most demanding requirements of lighting designers, architects and end users. The entire range is backed by a minimum 5 year warranty

We are proud to be the exclusive US distributer of the TEC-MAR brand, which has been making high performance lighting products for over 25 years and exports to 30 countries worldwide.

Covering both interior and exterior our TEC-MAR range includes street lights, highbays, facade fixture floodlights and more. 

Our unique manufacturer relationship allows us the supply the TEC-MAR product at surprisingly competitive prices with an comparable $/lumen output to any product on the market. As a result further to efficiency benefits of LED technology, we are able to offer savings on capital investment, significantly reducing the payback period in a premium product line. Keep scrolling to see a few highlights of the range

Leading Cost/Lumen
Each TEC-MAR fixture is designed with efficiency at its core providing an economical investment
Aesthetic Appearance
Our TEC-MAR product is expertly crafted by renowned designers and built with the Made In Italy reputation for quality
Competitive Pricing 
Our unique manufacturer relationship allows us to provide the TEC-MAR product at surprisingly competitive prices 
Tried and Trusted
With over 25 years of experience and development, exported to 30 countries worldwide  

Product Highlights

Industrial Series

The range of varying product groups and state of the art LED technology in the Industrial TEC-MAR range, allows for suitability in numerous applications. Differing ceiling heights require variable lighting concepts in order to achieve the optimum lighting.

TEC-MAR offers a large product portfolio of LED Industrial lighting with limitless possibilities for realization. Complementary lighting control also offers the possibility to further increase the cost-effectiveness of the lighting.

LED Flood

LED floodlights from TEC-MAR set themselves apart from the competition by the premium light processing and the use of the latest LED technologies. Different luminaire series such as PRINCE, LORD or MICRO models form the basis of flood lighting. Robustness, energy efficiency and economy are important issues in industrial and commercial lighting, which must be rounded off with light quality.

The advantage of the TEC-MAR luminaires lies in the European production, coupled with years of experience and the continuous development of the products

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Roadway and Parking Lot

LED street lighting for the energy-saving illumination of parking lots, streets, driveways, delivery or outdoor areas of industrial, commercial or similar objects.

Our LED parking lights have sophisticated optics to direct the light distribution exactly where it is needed.

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The field of application of the TEC-MAR office range is very versatile and can be predominantly implemented in the commercial sector. With almost 25 years of experience in traditional fluorescent office lighting incorporated into LED development, tried and trust elements have been redesigned retaining visual elements that enable TEC-MAR lighting to be harmoniously integrated into the commercial environment.

Glare-free and uniform distributed light are the most important elements in addition to premium quality and variety of options. 

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