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Sun LED offers the latest high-efficiency LED sports lighting systems, providing a complete lighting solution. Taking into account the visual comfort and uniformity requirements from the smallest through to the most complex outdoor sports facility, our integrated LED floodlights are suitable for all types of outdoor sports

Our sharp cut off sports lighting products limit environmental impact by reducing glare, light spillage, and sky glow.



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How Sunled Designs a Brilliant Sports Field Lighting Solution

There are certain aspects involved in making a sports event a success. Where players and game strategies create a substantial impact, the essence of Proper Sports Field Lighting cannot be downplayed – whether the sport is being played indoors or outdoors. As the number of spectators increases exponentially, the need to play during the night becomes inevitable, a proper Sports Stadium Lighting Solution is what makes a big difference. We at Sunled Industries, are experienced with what it takes to make a lit-up Sports Field even in the darkest conditions! Considering the sheer importance possessed by Sports Field Lighting, described below are a few facets that our preeminent range of Sports Field Lighting Solutions viably ensure:

Ensuring Consistent Illumination

Considering a baseball pitch, for example, while the object of observation in the sport is a “Ball,” the fact that it may move very fast in arbitrary directions and varying angular sizes is unavoidable. To make sure that the players, referees, and spectators can view these movements as legitimately as possible, the field's illumination must be evenly spread out throughout the area

Brightness Of Light

Although the Brightness Level to accurately view and play under levels of regular Lighting ranges between 250 lux (23Fc) and 350 lux (35Fc), this situation readily differs when it comes to professional matches. Such a game would need brightness levels varying between 500 lux (46Fc) and 750 lux (70Fc). With the wide range of Sports Field Lights available at Sunled Industries, we ensure that all these aspects are covered – No matter if it’s an “Amateur” or “Professional” match

Lighting Design

Considering a football field, for instance, the Lighting Design is done in such a way that they are placed on tall poles. This is primarily because the ball is likely to travel very high in the air and is done to ensure that the ball is visible when this happens. It is also crucial to make sure that the players and spectators are not in direct sight of the light source. Sunled Industries makes sure that sports field lighting is easy to install and yields the optimum results

Planning to Buy Sports Field Lighting that Fits your Needs? Sunled Industries is All You Need! 

The experts at Sunled bring you highly efficient LED Sports Field Lighting Solutions that ensures visual comfort and utmost consistency when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of a well-lit Sports Field. The fact that our Sports Field Lighting solutions incorporate all that makes a sports field brilliantly visible at night, means our lighting solutions are ENTIRELY suitable for all your outdoor lighting needs


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