University Parking Garage

St Petersburg, Florida

Working on an upgrade to the South Florida university parking garage, Armour LED parking garage fixtures were used to replace the existing 150-watt HPS lights in the Parking Garage. With the HPS fixtures, the lighting had fallen below industry standards.

By upgrading to the LED system, the lighting was significantly improved as the new LED fixtures provide a clean, white light as compared to the yellow cast from the high pressure sodium lamps. Further the LED fixtures deliver uniform lighting across the space which dramatically aids in ‘seeability’ by both pedestrians and drivers.

In addition to outstanding lighting, the energy savings from the LED upgrade are substantial, even though the new LED system includes 26 more fixtures than the previous one. Twenty-nine percent of the new LED fixtures include internal motion sensors that dim to a very low light level when traffic is not detected for extra energy savings. Even with the additional fixtures the LED system uses significantly less energy than the previous HPS system.

The LED fixtures install in a snap and with up to a 100,000 hour expected life they are virtually maintenance-free.



  • Dramatically improved lighting with integrated energy-saving controls
  • $10,322 annual energy savings (55% reduction in energy consumption

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