High Lighting Performance

Our TEC-MAR products offer a wide range of lighting fixtures for interior and exterior use, characterized by continuous research and manufacture of products that are Made In Italy, with creativity, care and high expertise


Sunled Header2
Lord 4 Flood

Lord 4 Flood

High Power Floodlight
Lord Flood

Lord Flood

Mid Power Floodlight
Mini Lord flood

Mini Lord

Compact Floodlight
Little lord 3

Little Lord

Low Power Floodlight
Prince flood

Prince Flood

Mid Power Floodlight
mini prince flood

Mini Prince Flood

LED Floodlight
Lordino 1


Low Power Facade LED
Micro 1


Low Power Floodlight
Lord 4 PS

Lord 4 PS

High Power Multiuse Fixture
Lord PS

Lord PS

Mid Power Multiuse Fixture
Lord 4 Industrial

Lord 4 Highbay

High Power LED Highbay
Spider 4

Spider LED

Round LED Highbay
Prince industrial

Prince Highbay

Mid Power Highbay
Orion 2


Round Aluminium Highbay
mini prince industrial

Mini Prince Highbay

Low Power Highbay
Master 34jpg


Modular Suspended LED Highbay
Lord Industrial

Lord Highbay

Mid Power Highbay
Lord Ellit3

Lord Ellit

Aisle LED Highbay

Modulo 2

Suspended Modular Fixture









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