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Performance range of Troffers, Linear and Ceiling Fixtures

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Vera Series

Soft, bright illumination is created with the TEC-MAR Vera recessed luminaire. Designed with a slight 15/24mm cavity reveal, the square articulated profile creates visual interest while staying true to its minimalist form. This luminaire delivers glare-free, uniform illumination with attention away from the light source

With a sleek, low-profile form, Vera valiantly delivers on the promise of LED lighting by combining simple, yet sophisticated, modernity with practical efficiency providing extraordinary illumination.



Yama Series 

The Yama Series LED recessed grid luminaire with indirect lighting, creates harmonious light output. By placing the LED light source in the centre of the louver light, refraction of light is optimally executed, achieving a pleasant environment for the people in the room. 

The built-in LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and offers great benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and low maintenance costs. Considering the high-quality LED drivers integral to the Yama LED Series, it is an ideal solution to realize indirect lighting.


Dark LED Series


Traditional meets contemporary for the Dark LED series. State-of-the-art reflectors with low light losses guide LED light optimally into the room. High energy efficiency of more than 140 lms/watt ensures rapid pay back when switching to LED. The reflectors allow a glare-free workplace. 

Louver variants provide a broad distribution of room lighting and bring greater well-being in public spaces. Grid ceilings with module dimension 625mm make a 1: 1.5 replacement of conventional louver luminaires against the Dark LED Series possible



Forma Series 

Homogeneous and glare-free light distribution is the focus of the TEC-MAR Forma LED Series extrusion luminaire. The superior light quality and high visual comfort makes the Forma LED the optimal choice in the field of visual workstations. Up and down light characteristics brighten the ceilings and provide greater well-being, enhance indoor ambiance.

The suspended luminaires increase efficiency and bring light directly to the surfaces where it is needed. Modern louvered variations concentrate the light on work planes, whereas opal coverings are designed for more uniform room lighting. The combination options of both types ensure uniform light distribution

Queen Series

Aesthetics meet modernity and the result is the TEC-MAR Queen LED Series with more than 140lm/watt, this luminaire offers more than 40% savings compared to a T5. With flexible mounting options in almost all grid ceilings including modular grid 625 or surface-mounted ceiling allow continuous uniform interior light.

Opal reflectors refract the light without glare and create a bright environment. Models with prismatic lens optics offer a homogenous and more comfortable light optics into those interior areas, where visual task is part of everyday life. Elongated or square designs with light control or emergency lighting options underline the advantages of the TEC-MAR Queen LED series.

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