Condor Series

Parking Lot and Area Light

The Condor family was designed to provide maximum illumination in the target area for the lowest possible price. With a long life, it will not only save you money up front but also on maintenance costs for years to come.

It’s mounting options is the key to making the Condor easy to work with, no matter the job site. Every Condor area product can be fitted with multiple brackets and arms making an effortless one step installation in any application


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Product Code

Example Condor cat. 80392SLMS

Condor 60  60W/7,800 lms 3000 92  90°x120° SL  60mm Slipfitter MS  Motion Sensor
80  80W/11,200 lms 4000 2M  Type 2M RP  Round Pole Bracket PE  Photocell
100  100W/14,000 lms 5000 3M  Type 3M SP  Square Pole Bracket DIM  0-10v Dimming
150  150W/21,000 lms 57  5700 3S  Type 3S WB  Wall Bracket DMX  DMX
185  185W/25,160 lms 65  6500 4M  Type 4M AB  Adjustable Bracket DLI  Dali
240  240W/28,800 lms 5M  Type 5M PB  Pole Bracket None
300  300W/41,400 lms
400  400W/56,000 lms
500  500W/68,000 lms
  • Selection of 8 lumen packages in 6 different distributions
  • Exceptional industry leading efficiacy of 140lm/W
  • Designed to acheive uniformity of light keeping consistent 4Fc over 1600sqft area
  • Factory installed daylight sensor for even more energy savings
  • Aerodynamic shape and slimline design reduce wind drag making it suitable for installation in harsh conditions
  • Multiple mounting options including square/round pole, slipfitter, bracket and wall mount enabling seamless retrofit applications
  • DLC Premium 4.3 qualified product
  • High performance Meanwell driver featuring optional 0-10v dimming and 10kV surge protection
  • Patented cooling fin provides excellent thermal dissipitation for extremely long operational hours


  • Parking Lots
  • General Area Lighting
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Roadway
  • Car Dealerships
  • CRI > RA80
  • IP66/IK08
  • Input voltage AC100-277V
  • -40°F - 131°F operating temperature
  • Dark sand finish
  • 50,000hrs LED life span
  • 10kV surge protection
  • 0.95 PF/< 15% THD

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